Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tumblin Creek Clean Up: 20' Nov, 2010

Tumblin Creek Trash Clean Up : 20' Nov, 2010

The Wetlands Club has adopted Tumblin Creek through Adopt A River.  Wetlands club is responsible for organizing trash cleanups in the creek and the floodplain twice in a year.  Over past many years the club has been providing excellent service by collecting the trash brought in by the Tumblin Creek on to the flood plain of the Biven’s Arm lake. Last semester we collected a huge volume of glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans which were then sent for recycling. This activity therefore not only prevents pollution in the water body but also helps in recycling some of the waste.

Information about Tumblin Creek
Tumblin Creek is a spring fed creek that travels through portions of East Gainesville. The watershed of the creek is heavily urbanized with 60% impervious surfaces. Due to the impervious surfaces, trash, pollutants and sediments are rapidly mobilized during storms in to the creek. The creek along with the trash and sediments enter a 30 acre floodplain wetland. This floodplain facilitates sediment and trash deposition, which is where the Club cleans up trash.

Meeting Time: 9 am, 20' Nov, 2010.
-Travelling south on Hwy 441 (NW 13th St) cross over University Avenue and SW 16th St.
-Just past SW 16th Avenue you will see The America's Best Value Inn on the right hand-side.
-Turn right at the southernmost entrance to the Motel and drive all the way back. Park anywhere next to the big grassy field.
-The clean-up will occur at the end of the channel. So follow the creek westward until you see the group

-Wear field clothes and shoes that can get dirty.
-We will have some drinking water.

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