Monday, October 4, 2010

Successful Education Activities

SEEP TOUR : On Thursday September 30th, members of the Wetlands Club led about 45 5th grade students from Rawlings Elementary school on an interactive tour of SEEP. The students made stops at 5 stations, and learned about soils, aquatic life, vegetation, hydrology & water quality, and enjoyed a wetland walk. The weather was perfect for the event, and the students seemed to have a great experience, so thanks to all the club members who helped out!

DR. DISCOVERY at the Florida Museum of Natural History: This summer, members of the Wetlands Club were involved with the Dr Discovery series organized by the FMNH. In this event we had an interactive session with the young kids (3-5 yrs age group), and used some small exhibits to demonstrate the differences between a wetland and an upland. The idea behind this event was to introduce young kids to the differences between the wetlands and uplands and point out the importance of wetlands.  There were live plants, some wetland fishes, a green tree frog and leeches, which got all the attention from  the kids.

Some 15-17 kids attended this presentation, mostly accompanied with their parents. This was the first educational even organized by the club in coordination with the FMNH, and we are hoping that the club will have more opportunities in the future to collaborate with the museum.

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