Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tumblin Creek Clean-up, 20 Nov, 2010

Tumblin Creek Clean-up, 20 Nov, 2010
Thank you all for participating in the fall clean up and making it successful. We managed to collect half a dumpster of regular non-recyclable trash, and some 8-9 big bags full of glass bottles, plastic containers and drink/soda cans, and all of this in about 3 hrs!

As tradition has it, we found some interesting items as well, - a vacumm cleaner, 3 automobile tyres, a florida highway sun pass, a driving license issued in seventies, and a soft toy. The winner for the most interesting item of trash was this soft toy which was unanimously named as 'RJ junior', and was christened as the creek clean up mascot for the season.

It was a beautiful day and a satisfying feeling to be out there walking in the creek, taking out all that does not belong there. Thanks for your help and support.

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  1. We collected 731 pounds of trash and recycleables! Great job guys!