Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tumblin Creek Clean-up, 19 Mar, 2011

A big applause for all the participants for this spring clean up of the Tumblin Creek. I think this year we set a new record for the youngest volunteer ever participated in the creek clean up. We collected a total of 826 lbs of trash including regular non-recyclable trash, and some 4-5 big bags full of glass bottles, plastic containers and drink/soda cans, and all of this in about 3 hrs
As tradition has it, we found some interesting items, - an empty briefcase, a tackle box, a calculator, a lady’s dress… The winner for the most interesting item of trash was ofcourse lady’s dress!

- Photos from spring clean up event -
Jay with Evelyn - our youngest volunteer... 
Getting ready for the vote for most interesting piece of trash.
The contenders...
Voting in progress... 
Finally, the winner!!!
The team

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